Who am I?

      Hello there blogging world! My name is Alma and I’m delving into the wonderful world of food blogs. My passion for food roots from my well-fed youngsterhood. Personally I consider myself a novice foodie and food fanatic, although in comparison to many of my friends I seem like a food snob (in a good way?). Well to them I say a person should be picky about their food and be sensitive about their diet. There are so many opportunities nowadays to eat quality food and meals there is no reason not to!
      My kitchen skills on a scale from eh to wowzah are a meh, but I will valiantly attempt to experiment with different recipes and exotic foods. Will I successfully be able to make a batch of macaroons? Probably not, but no reason why not to try and take loads of pictures. This blog is dedicated to embracing both to successes and failures of meals and document the memories associated with them. Food is so much more than eating; it is also environment and atmosphere you are surrounded by.
      My interests include baking, running, and long walks on the beach (just kidding, this isn’t a dating profile). My favorite foods are chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, although I am open to any other dish. Just a quick note: I am a vegetarian and therefore do not eat meat (aka the definition of a vegetarian). I don’t want the vegetarian aspect of my diet to overwhelm this blog, but it will definitely be a notable aspect.
     As I start my foray into blogging, I would just like to say: Let’s eat!

Who am I?

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