Paris Baguette- Tiramisu and “Cronut”

For those of you who have not heard of Paris Baguette 1) I am sorry you have been deprived of it and 2) it is a Korean bakery inspired by European pastries that puts out some of the most delicious sweets available. They have an incredible selection of breads, pastries and desserts that will make you drool. Many of the European style pastries use a incredibly buttery and flaky puff pastry that is as addicting as it is clearly unhealthy. They have locations in California, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Check to see if you have one near you and go splurge on some deliciousness.

     My mother picked up a lovely selection of pastries for my family. The box was full of chocolate bread, a chocolate croissant, a sweet cheese filled puff pastry, the cronut-like croissant doughnut, and of course the Tiramisu Pastry. I first heard of the Tiramisu Pasty on Serious Eats and was in love after reading one heck of a saliva-inducing description of it. I am a dark chocolate fanatic and this pastry is a serious case of dark chocolate. It starts off with a cloud of pure, bitter, cocoa covering a paper thin layer of dark chocolate. Then you taste a sweet bite of a Mascarpone cream filling that only provides a half a centimeter of relief from the intense chocolate. And the base for it all is a buttery, flaky, and moist slab of puff pastry that melds perfectly with the chocolate and sweet cream to create an epic pastry rendition of a slice of Tiramisu. It is absolute perfection.

As for the “Cronut”-like pastry, I haven’t a clue if it is authentic. It tasted fantastic, but reminded me mainly of a doughnut shaped croissant and not a hybrid of both. It had an incredible crispy exterior, however, and an intensely sweet and creamy filling with a hint of lemony flavor that cut through the buttery croissant. Unfortunately the filling may have been placed irregularly because upon biting into the treat it exploded on me. If I were at Paris Baguette I would get this again, but it’s far from perfect.

     I would write more about the other treats from Paris Baguette, but the rest of my family ate them–rightly fully so since I greedily claimed the Tiramisu Pastry all for myself. I will post more goods from Paris Baguette next time I indulge in their creations, but for now Au Revoir reader.

Paris Baguette- Tiramisu and “Cronut”

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