Revitalizing a Likely Lost Cause

Do you know what’s kind of sad? It’s nearly been a year since I’ve posted on this blog. A whole darn year. Who do I think I am? A quitter? Not for this project! Or at least not yet. Clearly my plan to post yummy recipes with pretty pictures was a disaster because a) I can’t take and edit pictures for the life of me and b) I am currently enrolled in college and cannot readily access a kitchen. It’s really a shame. So what’s the new plan? Truth is I’m not sure. All I know is I like food, I want people to appreciate the food that goes into their tummy, and the internet is a lovely place for food lovers to congregate. So here I go. It’s almost New Year’s so let’s say this is a New Year’s resolution. Here’s to Food By Alma becoming an actual site. I’ve got a Twitter for it so it’s legit.

Revitalizing a Likely Lost Cause

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